Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review on the God you Never Knew

January 31, 2013- Robert Morris has written many books that I found so enlightening because he never writes about things he hasn't lived. So when I found he wrote a book on the forgotten 3rd person of the Trinity I was pumped to get the chance to read it. This book makes a great stride to clear up some of the mystery and confusion that surrounds God in this person. It started off with a bang, but I found the quest of solution waning in the end.

The first half of the book gave great attention to the growing hunger for the Spirit that we are seeing in all denominations(or most) in the church today. It is scriptural and doctrinal, and does a great job of painting the reality of the Spirit to the church who desperately needs an outpouring of the Spirit's power. The great thing about Robert Morris is that he is REAL. He tells it through his eyes and how those eyes were opened. That is what I love about his writings.

But, the second part of the book doesn't hold up the expectations set out in the first. It seems to drift into a realm of scattered thoughts and directions, which don't lead a person on a journey of finding and experiencing this 3rd person of the Trinity for themselves. Only more stories about the confusing parts of the doctrines of the Spirit. So the reader finds himself just as lost in the end.

Though the thoughts seemed scattered and it seemed like so many sermons I've heard with a very catchy title of answering a much asked question (the hook), only to not answer any real questions, just something to get you thinking.  So you see, in the end, he probably accomplished what he set out to do. That is to get us thinking, and studying ourselves.

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