Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Understanding conflict

Wednesday February 16, 2011- I am really excited about a new class that my wonderful wife and I have the opportunity to host on Tuesday nights. It's called "Boundaries in Marriage" with Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. It is so insightful and just seeing how many families are interested in improving to impact others(dude, that's what it's about). Anyway, one of the things common in relationships is conflict. Not only in marriage but in every walk of life. Conflict must be dealt with in a healthy manner to ever grow through conflict. This isn't part of the curriculum but while studying today I ran across something really cool.
Everything behaves according to it's nature... That's not to say that we are all troublemakers, but it does speak to where conflict arises from. Check this out.
Anytime you have disappointment, it’s from having false expectations for something to produce something it was not designed to produce. In fact, you will find that any time there is conflict in a relationship, you’ll discover that the conflict is simply the gap between expectations and reality. Here’s a visual that I hope will help and stick with you, the next time you find yourself in conflict:


Finding yourself in conflict in a personal relationship, or in a relationship with someone you lead, or who leads you? Step back from the minutia of the conflict, and write down the expectations you went into the current conflict with prior to the conflict arising. Now try to write down the expectations you think the person you’re in conflict with had. Compare them, then compare them to the current reality, and each other’s reality. You might gain a better understanding of their perspective, and of your emotions. Remember: “In all thy getting…get understanding.”

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ReNew Conference

Wednesday February 2, 2011- This Saturday February 5th The City Church is hosting it's first "ReNew" conference. We are so excited to see the response and expectancy of the church. We are compressing alot into 3 short hours so here is a breakdown of what will be happening...
8:30- Doors Open
9:00- Welcome
9:10- Breakout I
10:00- Break
10:10 Main Session
11:00- Break
11:10- Breakout II
12:00- Conference ends

(Coffee and refreshments will be available upstairs in the City Cafe)

If you've asked these questions you need to be here-

*How can I strengthen my marriage?- Breakout I you can attend "Personality & how it affects Marriage" and Breakout II "Components of a Godly Marriage"

* How can I make my money go further?- Breakout I you can attend "The Blessed Life"

* How can I make time to grow in my relationship with God?- Breakout I you can attend either "Grow"(Our discipleship growth track) or "Serve"(becoming a servant leader)or Breakout II you can attend either "Connect"(becoming connected to God, the church and your community) or "Go" (the true mission field)

* How can I be a better parent?- Breakout II you can attend "Shepherding a child's Heart"

Also you don't want to miss our Main Session. If renewal is what you need then renewal is what you can get this Saturday February 5th @ The City Church

Register Online- (Click Here)
or RSVP on Facebook (Here)

Hope to see you Saturday!!!