Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Soar- Are you ready to accept God's Power

Wednesday March 9,2011- Just finished a review on the book Soar by Kenny Luck. If you are a man that wants to embrace all God has for your life, then you want to read this book. There is a story in the book(actually several stories) that is great. It talks about a hand gliding trip that Luck took for research for the book. In flight he(Luck) tried several times to control the glider himself and would over compensate with the controls causing the instructor to flip out on him. It is often the same with our walk with the Holy Spirit. When we let Him have the controls in our life, then things go smooth and effective. But when we try to control it ourselves things become more erratic and out of control. This was a good read that I would recommend to any man wanting to grow deeper in his walk with the Lord.

You can grab the book (Here)