Monday, January 24, 2011

Soulprint Review

Monday January 24, 2011- I just finished Mark Batterson's new book "Soulprint". I have to say this was an awesome book(perhaps his best yet). Both my wife and I loved it and we will suggest to everyone we know in our church. Great read. Here's the review I posted...

Identifying the you you've been searching for

Mark Batterson really hit it out of the park with "Soulprint". Absolutely his best yet. I, like so many others, have spent my life in a search for the purpose for which I was created. The way Mark uses the story of David to show how we can discover and walk in our true purpose is brilliant.

The story of *the crags of the wild goats* illustrates so well that our actions in private define who we are in publice. David was such a great example of the person we all want to be. He was the man after God's own heart. Also, when David danced before the Lord, Batterson explains that sometimes we have to get out of who people want to see, and into who we were created to become.

I have to say that I walked away from this book changed. Not changed by 10 steps to purpose, but changed because "Soulprint" helps us to look at ourselves in a different light. This read helps us to identify that we all have a unique makeup and calling. Mark Batterson is a genius of research and illuminating illustrations. From start to finish it is a great read and it as a book that I would recommend to anyone.

Go out and grab it. You won't be disappointed. (Click here for the book)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Get a Word

January 20, 2011- Wow. The new year has taken off with such speed that I haven't really had the chance to post anything(I know that's a poor excuse, but it's the only one I have). With that said, I have heard alot of doom and gloom about judgment and things continuing to get worse with our economy and with the nation in general. You've heard the same if you listen to the so-called future thinkers or "prophetic" voices in christian circles. I don't know where you stand on all this but I know one thing. Everyone wants a word form God. We have such a tremendous hunger for "a word". It blows my mind that people travel all over the country to hear something from "a prophet" or someone that claims to have prophetic insight, get this, not for their lives, but for mine! That kills me. Here's my stance. If you are a child of God, He has a word for you. It's in His WORD(the Bible). Get into God's Word in 2011. If you are looking for a Word in 2011, I suggest 3 things...

1. Fasting- The beginning of this year is a perfect time to go on a fast. When we deny the flesh and gratify the Spirit, we will grow in the Spirit. Is.58 is a great place to study what fasting is and isn't.

2. Prayer- Fasting is just dieting without prayer. Set aside some personal time for prayer. Get alone and talk to God just like you would your best friend. John 10 say,"My sheep know my voice". If you need a word from God, prayer is a great start for the conversation.

3. Study God's Word- The greatest tool in hearing from God is His Word. I believe God speaks in many ways, but the easiest way to hear form Him is reading His Word.

If any of this has pricked your interest, here is a link to our church website with some info on the "Daniel Fast". Hope this helps. Enjoy!

"21 Days of Fasting"