Friday, July 23, 2010


Friday July 23, 2010- Man, I'm so excited about this weekend @ The City Church. I get the opportunity to preach the last message in our series called "Stages". This series has been such a time of growth for me as well as many that have been part of the journey. So I want to take a few lines and recap what we've gone over. Stages is a series that covers the many phases(Stages) of the life of king David. Here are a few.
The Pasture of Preparation- David not only fought a lion and a bear, he had to learn to walk through a lot of mess(sheep are messy animals).
The Tent of Training- Spear pressure almost got the best of him(people throw things at you).
The Field of the Fight- If we do what God wants us to do, for the reasons God wants to do them, we will be unstoppable.
The Campaigns of the Chariots- People are funny. The same people who shout “Hosanna” will also shout “Crucify”.
The Cave of Conflict- David had 2 chances to kill Saul. “It’s the things no one else sees, that produce the results everyone else wants”.
The Palace of the Privileged-
• The palace is a place of anointing
• Your anointing is cultivated trough “purity” and “holiness”
• Your gifting can get your foot in the door, but it’s your character that keeps it there
The Balcony of Boredom- Idle time will fight against the plans God has for your life(accountability is a must).
This week we are going to discuss The Seat of Significance. Can't tell you what we are going to talk about, but I will say you don't want to miss this Sunday @ The City Church.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prayer of the Visionary

July 13, 2010- I really want to share something I saw on a post earlier. Is vision something you think about and follow? Is it a struggle? If so, please read this
beautiful prayer from Richard Rohr:

O loving God, we thank you for bringing us the rivers and streams of this world. May the rivers we know be an image of the stream that you want to flow within each one of us.

Teach us now, take away all fear, dare to let us believe that we could really be a small part of a reconstructed society, that we could build again. Take away our own cynicism. Take away our lack of hope. Take away our own anger and judgments.

We thank you for the faith and the desire that is in our hearts. You have planted it there. Now help us to preserve it, protect it and increase it.

We long for vision, good God. We need vision and we know we will perish without it. Help us open each new day to a new meaning, to a new hope, to a deeper desiring.

Show us your face, loving God, and we will be satisfied. We ask for this in all the holy names of God. Amen.