Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Digging in

Wednesday December 21, 2011- I just finished reading *Dug Down Deep*. I have to admit I was expecting more. I am not a theology book reader, but enjoy learning more about God, His character, and nature. The book started slow for me, but as I began to think about what Joshua was trying to accomplish with this book, it began to draw me in. The truth is, people do need more theology. When he gave the example of the parable of the builders, I GOT IT. I really got it. He found a way to put the dusty, dry, terms of theology into a book that anyone with a hunger for God will pick up and read from cover to cover. The reason the story grabbed me so hard is the truth that lies within. The average Christian has the desire but not the discipline to dig deep. But that is precisely what needs to happen for our life to line up with the nature and character of God. Joshua does a great job in accomplishing what he sat out to do. Overall a great book, Joshua has an incredible testimony that inspires many church leaders. His transparency and willingness to share his struggles helped me and I am sure it will help many others. Good book.
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